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Due to the lack of basic financial education, people are unaware of good banking practices, have poor spending habits, and have poor control over finances. Every year thousands of graduates get purchasing power without the basics. Look for a way to help college students build spending habits and monitor them as well to prepare them for a financially independent lifestyle.

My initial hypothesis and brain dump 🧠

Diving into the research 🔍

Identified problems and creation of HMW statements

  1. How might we give them the power of budgeting?
  2. How might we help the users understand the importance of goals?
  3. How might we encourage users to spend wisely?
  4. How might we promote earning side money while studying?
  5. How might we help them manage their allowance and side money together?
  6. How might we guide them through emergencies?
  7. How might we introduce them to the concept of investing?
  8. How might we ease the peer pressure in expenses?
  9. How might we encourage them to plan for the future?

Coming up with the solutions

The Design

Let’s take a look at some working prototypes


  1. Being unfamiliar with best financial practices, my biggest challenge was to learn them first. Only after detailed research, I was able to find the best solutions.
  2. Designing the onboarding: In the initial ideas and wireframes, I added various tutorial bits throughout the journey of the app. Later I realized that this type of onboarding is called “Quickstart” onboarding. But I learned that my app needs top featured and personalized onboarding. But combining them into a smooth onboarding journey was the most difficult part.
  3. Another challenge that I faced was to create an app that looks like an original product, not just a fancy design. Do share in the comments if I succeeded in my effort.

Future Scope


Flowchart depicting the financial activity of a student
Wireframes depicting onboarding, setting up budget and transaction history
Wireframes depicting payment journey, pluto wallet, and accounts



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Hi! I'm a engineer turned UX/UI Designer who gets joy in talking about solutions that make a difference and believes that UX design is not limited to digital.