An app that bridges the gap between students and good finance practices. A UX case study.

While in college, I was that spoiled kid who used to spend a lot on outings. My parents used to give me extra money whenever I ran out of it. There was really no cap on it. It was only later when I realized that this behavior would cost me a lot in my life. But we all like to be carefree while spending, don’t we? 👾
That is why when I got a chance to work on this problem statement, I pounced on it…

A Case study

Note: If you are here for UI solutions, please scroll down to the Design section. ✌️


A few days ago, I participated in a Design-Hackathon conducted by GrowthSchool. In the hackathon, we were divided into groups of 5. Some of the people we knew and some of them were complete strangers just like it happens when we start working in a new company. Then we were asked to choose a problem among the given 6 problem statements.

Scroll down and let’s see how we proceeded forward.


To begin with, we were given 6 problem statements, out of…


The design has always been the key to innovation. Even long before UX became a discipline, it helped companies to be successful. The field of UX design may be new, the process of Design Thinking has been helping companies to understand their users better. In the past decade, speakers and bloggers have started highlighting the importance of Design Thinking in modern society.

Businesses are becoming successful by integrating design thinking in their process. Design Thinking makes you innovative.

Even non-designers use design thinking in their day to day life to solve problems.

a basic audio-video player using flutter.

On this journey of mini-app development, I learnt various new concepts of flutter app-development in a small amount of time. As the clock was ticking, I had a little time to complete the task. Here’s a brief description of what I learnt and how my code worked.

Apoorva Agrawal

Hi! I'm a engineer turned UX/UI Designer who gets joy in talking about solutions that make a difference.

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